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Classic model:

SR250 is an equipment used in medium and small-sized bored piles of civil engineering (diameter ranging from 1.0m to 1.5m, depth less than 50m), it is suitable for clay, pebble layers, and highly weathered rock.

High efficiency

Main winch confluence technology, the maximum speed reaches 63m/min;

The construction efficiency is increased by 15% compared with competitors.

Super large crowd force can realize fast drilling.

Low fuel consumption

Engine output power intelligently matches the need of system, fuel consumption is decreased by 5-10%.

High reliability

All the key components are jointly designed by world famous manufacturers and are customized. All these components have passed the rigorous testing, which ensures the stability and excellent performance of the machine.

Full-automatic production line and robot welding ensure high quality;

100% nondestructive test of key components ensures high quality;

Short servicing time provides high profit.

High stability

SY460R chassis featured with low gravity center and stable operation.


Spacious cab, comfortable seat, flexible joysticks and intelligent control system

Overall Height


Operating Weight


Max. Pile Diameter


Max. Pile Depth(Friction Kelly/Inter-Locking Kelly)