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Safety Control System:
There are two separate modes for working and installation. The safety and supervision system have multiple features including a real-time display of grounding pressure and horizontal level, electrical emergency control, anti-lightning protection, and automatic reversing while travelling and CCTV monitoring.

Excellent Operating Performance:
Each motion is smooth and stable due to the SCC1500D’s advanced load-sensing system, maximum load regulation and electronic-over-hydraulic controls.

Reliability Assurance:
The SCC1500D is designed with a wide safety margin. Its critical components are all of high-quality from world-renowned brands. The control system is fully capable of stable function in extreme weather: from extreme cold to heat and even high altitude weather.

Convenient Maintenance Technology:
The maximum adjustment time is only 10min/person, while daily maintenance takes no longer than 30min/person and repairs take no longer than 2h/person. There is an additional optional GPS remote monitoring system enhanced maintenance and management.

Powerful Lifting Capacity:
The SCC1500D has a maximum lifting capacity of 900tm, and a maximum boom length of 81m.

Efficient Self-Assembly and Disassembly Technology:
Sany’s patented synchronic control technology of the one-key lifted mast allows the SCC1500D to be completely assembled in just three hours. In fact, the whole machine can be entirely assembled and disassembled by itself.

Easy Transportation:
The SCC1500D can be easily taken to wherever you need it to go. The width of the basic machine is only 3m, with a transportation weight of 43.5t.

Large Chassis Design:
Featuring a 6m gauge, the large chassis ensures excellent stability within the entire 360° rotation range. In addition, the track frame can be further extended.

Automatic traveling direction:
The traveling direction can be automatically aligned after 180° rotation.

Fuel Heater (Optional):
The addition of the fuel heater extends the SCC1500D’s operating threshold, allowing the engine can work in extremely cold areas.

Two-stage filter of engine:
The filter lets the SCC1500D utilize a domestic diesel engine.

100% Load Travelling Capacity:
The crawler crane has a powerful tracking force while still maintaining a smooth travelling experience.

Globally Certified:
The SCC1500D meets certification requirements of CE, North America, Australia, Russia and Taiwan. In addition, it complies with European and American non-road Stage III emission standards.

Boom-max. rated lifting capacity


Boom – Boom Length

Min Degree
Max Degree

Boom -Boom Luffing Angle

Min Degree
Max Degree



Weight-Max. transport weight of single piece


Fixed jib-jib length offside angel

Min Degree Meter
Max Degree Meter