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Safety Control System:
There are two separate modes for working and installation. The safety and supervision system have multiple features including a real-time display of grounding pressure and horizontal level, electrical emergency control, anti-lightning protection, and automatic and CCTV monitoring. The system also stops operation automatically when the operator dismounts from the crane.

New Lift Operating Condition Design:
The operating condition of 20m boom + 12m heavy fixed jib is adopted, to meet the lifting requirement of shield machine used for subway construction and similar products.
The turning-over operation of shield machine can be automatically done, without the auxiliary crane. The auxiliary hook is larger enough to lift the heavy object up to 96T. The load moment limiter indicator can dynamically reflect the loading capacities of main and auxiliary hooks;

The well designed cab is comfortable and safe.

Superior Operating Performance:
Each motion is smooth and stable due to the SCC2600A’s advanced load-sensing system, maximum load regulation and electronic-over-hydraulic controls.

Reliable Functions Assurance:
The SCC2600A is designed with a wide safety margin. Its critical components are all of high-quality from world-renowned brands. The control system is fully capable of stable function in extreme weather: anything from extreme cold to heat and even high altitude weather.

Convenient Maintenance Technology:
The maximum adjustment time is only 10min/person, while daily maintenance takes no longer than 30min/person and repairs take no longer than 2h/person. There is an additional optional GPS remote monitoring system enhanced maintenance and management.

Powerful Lifting Capacity:
The SCC2600A can handle any problem. Its maximum boom lifting moment is 1470.4t• m and the longest boom length is 86m, giving it power and reach. In addition, the maximum lifting capacity of luffing jib is 1125t • m and the longest boom combination length is 62 m+63m, allowing it to adapt to a variety of situations.

Highly Efficient Self-Handling Technology:
The mast can be lifted at the touch of a button, keeping clutch traction winch reeving operation. The SCC2600A also has a machine self-dismounting feature that can use the quick-change rope connectors and winch rope head.

Large Chassis Design:
Featuring a 6.7m gauge, the large chassis ensures excellent stability within the entire 360° rotation range.

Easy Transportation:
The transport weight of main machine is limited to 45 tons, while the transport width is less than 3m and the transport height is less than 3.2m. This makes the SCC2600A easy to transport, saving both money and time.

100% Load Travelling Capacity:
The crawler crane has a powerful tracking force while still maintaining a smooth travelling experience.

Reliable Transmission System:
Advanced hydraulic components and a load feedback control technology are used in the hydraulic system, making it stable, efficient, energy-saving, and environmental friendly.

Large Fuel Tank:
The fuel tank capacity is 1050L, which is over 260% times the tank of the old model. This lets you avoid frequent refueling, keeping you productive.

Globally Certified:
The SCC2600A is in compliance with Europe and America non-road Phase III emission standards. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, from boat building, subway construction, metallurgy, infrastructure, and more.

Boom-max. rated lifting capacity


Boom – Boom Length

Min Degree
Max Degree

Boom -Boom Luffing Angle

Min Degree
Max Degree

Luffing Jib-Boom luffing angle

Min Degree
Max Degree



Weight-Max. transport weight of single piece


Heavey-duty short fixed jib-Boom + fixed

Min Degree Meter
Max Degree Meter