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Highly Secured Control System:
There are two separate modes for working and installation. The safety and supervision system have multiple features including a real-time display of grounding pressure and horizontal level, electrical emergency control, anti-lightning protection, and automatic and CCTV monitoring. The system also stops operation automatically when the operator dismounts from the crane.

Reliable Function Assurance:
The SCC5000A is designed with a wide safety margin. Its critical components are all of high-quality from world-renowned brands. The control system is fully capable of stable function in extreme weather: anything from extreme cold to heat and even high altitude weather.

Convenient Maintenance Access:
It takes no more than 10min/person to adjust the machine, no more than 30 min/person for daily maintenance and no more than 2h/person to repair the machine. There is an optional GPS remote monitoring system for even easier maintenance and management.

Efficient Assembly and Disassembly Technology:
The track frame has a self-assembly, self-disassembly, and one-key erection capabilities. The movable pump station is used to facilitate rapid assembly and disassembly.

Optimized Transportation Design:
The whole machine adopts a modular design. All transport units are independent design modules, with maximum transport weight of less than 50t, transport width less than 3m, and transport height less than 3.2m. This makes each piece easy to move and reassemble at the final site. The boom system can be transported wholly.

Excellent Wind Power Lifting Capacity:
The fixed jib operating condition is a wind power lifting operating condition, which provides the optimized mounting angle and range for lifting the large fan. The wind turbine generator also meets the installation requirement of 2.0MW.

Powerful Engine:
The SCC5000A features an imported Commins engine that complies with European and American non-road Stage III standards. The engine provides up to 447Kw of power for the entire machine.

Advanced Center of Gravity Control of the Entire Machine:
The SCC5000A monitors the center of gravity of the entire machine to ensure the machine continues to operate safely and stably: whether during lifting operations or while traveling with the boom system.

Boom-max. rated lifting capacity

6m working radius,Tons

Boom – Boom Length

Min Degree
Max Degree

Boom -Boom Luffing Angle

Min Degree
Max Degree

Luffing Jib-Jib luffing angle

Min Degree
Max Degree


Percent, with basic boom and with cab faced

Weight-Overall weight


Combined boom length

Min Degree Meter
Max Degree Meter

Combined boom length (with superlift)

Min Degree Meter
Max Degree Meter