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Safety Control System:
There are two separate modes for working and installation. The safety and supervision system have multiple features including integrated control display system, emergency electrical control, CCTV and a complete set of safety and monitoring devices.

Excellent operating performance:
Advanced micro-movement and compound actions ensure stable operation

Reliability Assurance:
The SCC1000E is designed with a wide safety margin using advanced hydraulic technology to ensure system safety. The control system is fully capable of stable function in extreme weather: from extreme cold to heat and even high altitude weather.

Convenient Maintenance Technology:
The maximum adjustment time is only 10min/person, while daily maintenance takes no longer than 30min/person and repairs take no longer than 2h/person. There is an additional GPS remote monitoring system for maintenance and management.

Powerful Lifting Capacity:
Its maximum boom lifting capacity is 360t•m, and the maximum lifting capacity of a fixed jib is 192t•m. In addition, the lifting capacity of luffing jib is 210t•m and a single pull line of main and auxiliary winches is 9.2t.

Easy Transportation:
The SCC1000E can be easily taken to wherever you need it to go. With the telescopic function, the maximum transportation weight of whole machine with track frame and boom tip is just 43t.


Boom-max. rated lifting capacity


Boom – Boom Length


Min Degree
Max Degree

Boom -Boom Lifting Angle

Min Degree
Max Degree

Boom + Superlift – Max. Rated Lifting Capacity


Luffing Jib-Boom luffing angle’Meter’

Min Degree
Max Degree

Fixed jib-jib length

Min Degree Meter
Max Degree Meter