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Relationship Sany With Kim

Sany Heavy Machinery launched its 2016 Service Tour in Indonesia on July 25, together with one of Sany’s local dealers, Konstruksi Indo Machinery (KIM).


A service team comprising 35 marketing and service staff from both Sany and KIM will conduct full inspections on all Sany rotary drilling rigs in 18 cities across 6 islands in Indonesia.

The service team will also offer comprehensive training on safe operation, machine service and maintenance, and construction methods to machine operators during the inspection over the next 3 months.

Listening to the customers’ demands and learning their opinions and suggestions will also be a top priority during this tour.


This after-sales service campaign has previously proven to be a great platform for Sany to significantly enhance customer experience and further improve its service based off customer and user requirements and feedback.

The initiative works in line with Sany’s service philosophy: “All for the customer,” which sets out to create more customer value while increasing both customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Through the joint effort of Sany and its dealers over the past years, Sany’s brand presence and the favorability of Sany rotary drilling rigs among Indonesian customers has increased substantially.

Customers in Indonesia have particularly been impressed by the reliability, timeliness and rigorousness of Sany’s after-sales service. This has helped increase the market share of Sany rotary drilling rigs in Indonesia, and so the newly-launched 2016 Service Tour will undoubtedly also contribute a great deal in that regard.


Why Must KIM & Sany

Drilling dan CraneAs has been described by Peter Shen , President Director of PT . Construction Indo Machinery ( KIM ) Currently the biggest competitor in Indonesia is a heavy equipment company coming from Japan and Europe and they have experienced in Indonesia more than 50 years , but the product SANY has its own advantages to compete in the market of Indonesia and we understand the need markets in Indonesia


Severally include:     

  • SANY relatively more expensive than competitors.
  • The rental price is the same machine with competitors.
  • More emphasis perteman relationship to the client.
  • Quality products and services 24 hours / 7 days.




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Serve Client As Friend Mutually Beneficial

PT . Indo Construction Machinery ( KIM ) , is a heavy equipment sales company official with SANY products to support the construction workmanship and in- fraktuktur in Indonesia. The company is in the country of China, the domestic equivalent of heavy equipment manufacturer Sany company that sells its products throughout the entire world.